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How can I reduce paper?

John McNeil  4 April 2014 22:17:24
There are two viewpoints that can be taken to address this question:
1.        Identify behaviours that use paper more efficiently
2.        Promote behaviours that do not require the use of paper
Identify behaviours that use paper more efficiently

The first option advocates behaviours that we all should embrace within our daily lives;Continue Reading "How can I reduce paper?" »
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Why would I want to reduce paper?

John McNeil  4 April 2014 22:16:26
Good for the environment
An obvious reason for reducing paper is to reduce the amount of natural resource consumed. There are many arguments abound about the use of paper. I would suggest that if the tree does not need to be cut, the paper is not pulped using chemicals and both the tree and resulting paper do not need to be transported to your office in the first place then yes it can only be good for the environment. For every page you avoid printing there is a saving somewhere, perhaps only tiny, but a saving none the less. Whilst this should not be the only reason for changing the way you do business it can form part of the rational.
Reduced stationary costs

How much do you spend on stationary? Do you know? How much of that is actual paper?Continue Reading "Why would I want to reduce paper?" »
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How to go Paper-Lite

John McNeil  4 April 2014 22:12:44
Once the decision has been made to go paper-lite there are 7 key steps to bringing it about.
Get an ambassador
Think of this as a project and get someone senior from the business to back the initiative and promote it throughout the halls of power and influence. There is the job of winning the hearts and minds of the senior management team. I like to think of it as marketing to your own people and the sign of success is where senior managers mention the initiative to their direct reports in a favourable manner. When it comes to troops on the ground approaching business units to work with them then they will meet a receptive audience.
Understand why you have made this decision and document it Continue Reading "How to go Paper-Lite" »
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How will you benefit from a Paper-Lite approach?

John McNeil  4 April 2014 22:11:44
Benefit - something that improves or promotes (Collins English Dictionary)
In this context going paper-lite should offer something that improves or promotes the enterprise implementing the solution.

Get the most out of your information

John McNeil  4 April 2014 22:09:18
We all do information

Visit any business the world over and you will find that they will all have one thing in common, information. There is no escaping the need to receive letters, create emails, manage documents, distribute and store files and find information. It matters not what business we are in, we are also in the information business. Continue Reading "Get the most out of your information" »
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