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Information is Transient

John McNeil  19 September 2011 08:00:00
Information is Transient

Have you ever noticed this about information?  Information is continually changing, evolving over time.  The information you processed last week is different from that which you have this week.  Not everything has changed but some.  

Looking back over time this has always been the case.  As we learn more we modify our view and understanding.  The more we experience the more it allows us to shape what we understand.  And this is true of individuals, companies, nations and cultures.

One of my favourite paradigm shifts is our understanding of the planets and how the Earth goes round the Sun.  Early wisdom maintained the view that the Earth was the centre of the Universe and the Sun revolved around Earth.  Later this position changed, we came to believe that the Earth rotates around the Sun.   A cursory investigation of the two paradigms would show that both could be correct.  It is only the changes in the information available to us that allows us to prove one belief and disprove the other.  Information changed and that led us to refine other information and so the cycle goes on.

With all this continual change we are continually absorbing information and revising what we believe.  As information providers that means we are also continually looking at the messages we put out in the market place.  We like everyone else can revise that message as things change.  What we wrote last year is probably worthy of revision, what we write today will one day become obsolete and that which we write tomorrow will be born out of what we have learnt since today.

Given that we know our information will change, we should make it easy to change that information when the time comes.  How do you make it easy to change your information?
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